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Things To Consider When Choosing Your Solo Costume

Things To Consider When Choosing Your Solo Costume

Competition season is around the corner. Choosing your costume can be a dreaded task but it doesn’t have to be. Your costume can enhance your routine or detract from it. The design must suit both your body type and the style of dance the solo has been choreographed.

As soon as you know your style of dance, music, choreography and have spoken to the choreographer you need to decide whether to (1) Buy a pre-made costume for your dance, (2) Have one custom made by a costume designer, (3) Hire from a reputable dance costume hire business such as Patrick J Design.

Another option we provide here at Patrick J Designs is we sell lace, e6000 glue and rhinestones in bulk so you can decorate and enhance your costume yourself. A one stop shop to fulfill all of your costuming needs.

Don’t know where to start on choosing your performance costume? Reach out to us at for advice on how to pick the perfect design for your solo.

We are very current in our design ideas and have created many award winning performance costumes with high quality materials and expert seamstress experience.

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