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Make It Yourself

Make It Yourself

Designing and creating your own solo costume can seem like an overwhelming task but here at Patrick J Design we have created a one stop shop to fulfill all of your designing needs.

Below are a few simple steps to follow when creating your own solo costume.

  1. Decide what color you want and pick for your costume base. (The base can be a leotard, two piece, and even a one piece pant)

  2. Set aside the embellishments such as lace and rhinestones that match your base in which you want to add.

  3. Pin the lace down onto your base in the position you want it to be sewn.

  4. Hand sew or glue the other edges of the lace and remove the pins.

  5. Use your E6000 Glue and wax tip to begin rhinestoning.

  6. Add more rhinestones...... because there is no such thing as too much sparkle.

  7. Let the glue dry while your rhinestones settle; your look is complete!

The best part about making your own costume is that you can find everything you need on our website We have over 50 designs, countless embellishments including lace appliques and rhinestones to choose from. Don’t forget your Crystal Earrings to compliment your design and light up your face on stage.