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    Patrick J Blogs

    2020 What's Next?

    2020 What's Next?

    We are so thankful for 2019, we have seen dancers all over the world grace the stages wearing Patrick J Design.


    Things to look forward to in 2020-

    -Two new beautiful collections will be released.

    -We will be offering a larger variety of styles and a ‘build your own look customization’.

    -Ready for stage pieces will also be available in a larger variety.

    -A new selection of lace will also be added to our applique section.

    -Our giveaways and contests will continue as a thank you to all of our customers.


    You can also find us at the Atlantic Dance Retail Show February 9th-10th in Los Angeles.



    Be sure to subscribe to our email and follow us on instgram @patrickjdesign to stay updated on all things Patrick J Design.

    Sending you our sincere gratitude at this joyous time of year. 

    Hope you had a happy holiday season and a wonderful start to the New Year.

    Find out what sets us apart from other dancewear brands!

    Find out what sets us apart from other dancewear brands!

    Our company prides itself in providing the best service to our customers. Below are a few reasons why you should place your trust in us!


    - Our company offers over 150 styles with over 15 color options.

    -We have two large collections released every year. A Fall/Winter and Spring/Summer collection.

    -Each of these new collections has over 30 new designs.

    -We also have the quickest turn around time considering our items are made-to-order.

    -Our designs are made for a dancers body and fit true to size.

    -Product designs are not mass produced, allowing us to quality control our products.

    -Wholesale options are available for studios or dance groups with large discounts.

    -All our products are made in the U.S.A right out of Miami, FL.

    Just in at Patrick J Design we have launched our all black “Uniform Collection” be the first to wear one of our newest designs!


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    Top 3 Competition Looks

    We have seen a trend on the best and most popular dance looks of 2018/19. These looks include mesh inserts, half skirts, and of course capri/full length unitards. Luckily all three of these looks can be found on our site Patrick J Design. Not only can you find these designs on our site but you can also find the embellishments including rhinestones and lace to customize your piece.

    Below are a few things to consider when selecting a piece with mesh inserts.

    • Mesh is a very versatile fabric it can be used to create subtle lines and even clean sharp cuts to accentuate lines.
    • Proper care and cleaning is needed. Mesh can be delicate and can become easily susceptible to tears or holes.
    • Matador leotard, Dahlia leotard, Cascade leotard, and our Romanov leotard are some examples of mesh insert looks we have in our collection.

    Another top look to consider this competition season is a half skirt.

    • Half skirts come in various lengths. Lengths range from mid thigh to floor length.
    • This look is perfect for a flowy contemporary dance and even a beautiful lyrical solo or group piece.
    • Depending on the fabric you choose the skirt will have a different weight. The lighter the fabric the lighter the skirt will move across the stage.
    • Lace fabric is another option. This fabric will create a more gathered weighted look in the flow of your skirt.
    • Like any other costume is it important to rehearse with it on so that you get used to the weight of the fabric and it does not become tangled or stepped on while dancing.
    • Removable solid skirt, removable lace skirt, and our asymmetrical skirt are some of the numerous options we have available to help create continuous stunning lines on stage.

    One of the most popular looks we have seen across different stages and competition is the capri/full length unitard.

    • One piece unitards create a long lengthened look perfect for all body types.
    • Unitards can be the same material or they can be combination of fabric and have mesh through the piece.
    • Aria one piece pant, galactic one piece pant, and the evania one piece pant are some of the many looks we have that are loved by our customers.

    Check out our site and find which of these trending looks fits your choreography! Start brainstorming your ideal design, then begin to embellish your custom piece at our one stop shop where we supply all of your needs to get you your perfect look!

    Behind the Scenes at Patrick J Design

    Behind the Scenes at Patrick J Design

    When you think of Patrick J Design you imagine beautiful high fashion dance wear. There is a lot of work constantly happening at our Miami office that helps build our brand. We want to take you Behind the scenes and show you what goes on!

    Early Morning:

    Our seamstresses and other employees walk in and get them selves situated and start sewing and cutting the orders that need to be sent out.

    One of our seamstresses will make our saving grace “Cuban Coffee” the perfect fuel for our long nonstop day.

    Our different account managers (customer service, media marketing, and info) will begin by sitting at their computers and cell phones on the second floor and start checking emails and messages. The next step is to reply to each person's individual message and make sure each of their request has been fulfilled. Early in the day we also plan any costume fittings and appointments and move stuff around on the schedule to  accomodate all of our customers.

    Once all accounts are up to date, employees take a 30 minute lunch break. Time flies by in our office because there is always work needing to be done.

    Down on the first floor, aside from the seamstresses who are working diligently cutting and sewing, we have our shipping team. This team is responsible for fulfilling orders, packing, and shipping the orders. They have to keep our inventory updated, handle any exchanges and make sure to communicate with the seamstresses and let them know which pieces are a priority and have to be shipped out ASAP. Our shipping team is also in charge of unpacking all mail shipments that are delivered to our Miami office. These shipments include fabrics, elastics, and other materials needed to keep our company running.


    Our lunch breaks have been divided into three groups to make sure we are always working and keeping the company moving at a fast pace. This ensures we do not fall behind in getting our designs to our customers in a timely manner.

    End of the day:

    The second half of the day our team managers focus on planning the future of the brand. Team meetings are held two to three times a week. In these meetings we discuss events such as giveaways, sales ,and photoshoots. Managers along with Patrick design emails,  banners, and flyers that will be used for the events. Seamstresses continue to make hand sewn pieces until it is time to go home!

    All of our employees are very important to us. They are each a piece of our Patrick J Design puzzle. We hope you have enjoyed reading about all things Patrick J Design and what goes on behind the scenes. Be sure to follow us on instagram @patrickjdesign and subscribe to our emails to be the first to be informed about events and sales.

    Patrick, the CEO of Patrick J Design, is always working behind the scenes. From handling payroll to hand gluing rhinestones, Patrick does it all!

    Check out our website and order your next dance piece from us, you might be lucky enough to purchase a piece put together by Patrick J himself!

    Branching Into The Professional and Commercial Dance World

    Branching Into The Professional and Commercial Dance World

    From dance studios to stages worldwide, you can find dancers wearing Patrick J Design.
    Dance students and professional dancers love wearing our designs because they fit comfortably, they are beautifully made, and the designs stand out from other dancewear brands. Our pieces have been featured on many television shows including Dance Moms, World of Dance, and So You Think You Can Dance.

    Many popular Instagram dancers and talented professionals can also be seen wearing Patrick J Design, including Katia Carranza, principal dancer with Miami City Ballet, Gavin James, and Kenedy Kallas students at the San Francisco Ballet; Igor Pastor a principal dancer at The National Theatre Belgrade, Derek Dunn a principal dancer with Boston Ballet, Harper Watters a soloist at The Houston Ballet, and Isobel Rose a student at Master Ballet Academy.

    Our costumes have also been debuted on new works presented by Dimensions Dance Theatre of Miami, on stages including The Joyce In New York City, Santa Fe College in Gainesville, and even Jacob's Pillow in Massachusetts, including Diana Figueroa, one of our models and professional dancer with the company.

    We have also sponsored 30 dancers at the Step It Up Convention under the direction of Hannah Steadman. Patrick J Design has also awarded $52,000 in certificates at Starquest Dance Competition.The happiest place on earth has also showcased our brand on their stages, worn by Jade Taylor on “The Magic” at Disney’s Animal Kingdom. This is only the beginning!

    Here at Patrick J Design, we are ready to continue dressing dancers all over the world and pursue our path to becoming an internationally recognized dancewear brand.