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    Patrick J Blogs

    Make It Yourself

    Make It Yourself

    Designing and creating your own solo costume can seem like an overwhelming task but here at Patrick J Design we have created a one stop shop to fulfill all of your designing needs.

    Below are a few simple steps to follow when creating your own solo costume.

    1. Decide what color you want and pick for your costume base. (The base can be a leotard, two piece, and even a one piece pant)

    2. Set aside the embellishments such as lace and rhinestones that match your base in which you want to add.

    3. Pin the lace down onto your base in the position you want it to be sewn.

    4. Hand sew or glue the other edges of the lace and remove the pins.

    5. Use your E6000 Glue and wax tip to begin rhinestoning.

    6. Add more rhinestones...... because there is no such thing as too much sparkle.

    7. Let the glue dry while your rhinestones settle; your look is complete!

    The best part about making your own costume is that you can find everything you need on our website www.patrickjdesign.com. We have over 50 designs, countless embellishments including lace appliques and rhinestones to choose from. Don’t forget your Crystal Earrings to compliment your design and light up your face on stage.

    Things To Consider When Choosing Your Solo Costume

    Things To Consider When Choosing Your Solo Costume

    Competition season is around the corner. Choosing your costume can be a dreaded task but it doesn’t have to be. Your costume can enhance your routine or detract from it. The design must suit both your body type and the style of dance the solo has been choreographed.

    As soon as you know your style of dance, music, choreography and have spoken to the choreographer you need to decide whether to (1) Buy a pre-made costume for your dance, (2) Have one custom made by a costume designer, (3) Hire from a reputable dance costume hire business such as Patrick J Design.

    Another option we provide here at Patrick J Designs is we sell lace, e6000 glue and rhinestones in bulk so you can decorate and enhance your costume yourself. A one stop shop to fulfill all of your costuming needs.

    Don’t know where to start on choosing your performance costume? Reach out to us at info@patrickjdesign.com for advice on how to pick the perfect design for your solo.

    We are very current in our design ideas and have created many award winning performance costumes with high quality materials and expert seamstress experience.

    Take a look at our new designs from our new collection “La Vida Royale” www.patrickjdesign.com

    How To Stand Out At Convention Classes & Auditions

    How To Stand Out At Convention Classes & Auditions

    You are dancing in a room filled with hundreds of other dancers. Group by group you perform the combination. You feel as if this dance combination was made for you.The teacher looks at you and after a brief moment looks away even though you’re dancing is impeccable. The problem might be as simple as your outfit, maybe it's not as flattering as you thought. In a profession that's about aesthetics and artistry, your outfit can play a major role in how teachers view you. Below are a a few tips to help you stand out positively.

    1. Stay away from accessories. Keep it simple lose the bracelets, anklets, and extra jewelry. Accessories often distract , hinder dancing, and even cause injury.
    1. Avoid baggy clothing. Teachers and choreographers want to see your physical aesthetic and the lines your body makes. Don’t hide your musculature under oversized clothing.
    1. Hair is a huge part in finding your look. In most auditions and classes a simple bun or ponytail is the best option. You want to avoid having to pull back hair from your face.
    1. Choose a color you feel confident in. Maybe it’s black maybe its blue.
    1. Stand towards the front of the room to guarantee you will be noticed. Radiate confidence in one of our new designs. Designed to make you feel your best.

    At Patrick J Design we recently released a new collection called “La Vida Royale” which includes 16 colors as well as 50 new designs. Head over to our website (www.patrickjdesign.com) and check out all the new dancewear we have to offer. This is our biggest & most profound collection yet! Don't forget to post, tag us at @patrickjdesign, and hashtag #patrickjdesign!

    Tips For A Successful Outdoor Photoshoot

    Tips For A Successful Outdoor Photoshoot

    We have all seen those breathtaking dance photos trending on the internet. How do they do it? They all look effortless and so put together. Below are a few tips to tackle your very own outdoor photoshoot.


    1. Avoid the very hot mid day hours when the sun is at its strongest. Consider the early morning and you might be able to catch some beautiful sunrise shots. If the morning is not a possibility 1-2 hours before the sun sets will also give you the best possible lighting.
    2. What you wear in your shoot can really make or break the look of your shots. Consider the colors of the landscaping you will be shooting in.You want to wear something that stands out from the scenery. Something bright and colorful. Here are a few recommendations from Our new dance wear Collection: Aria One Piece PantDahlia LeotardSouth Of France Set
    3. Hair and makeup is very important. Keep your makeup natural and hair appropriate for the weather. If your hair is pulled up it will be easier to control, you will avoid constantly having to pull the hair back from your face in between shots.
    4. Remember to warm up! You don’t want to pull a hamstring posing be safe and warm up prior to the shoot.
    5. Consider hiring a dance photographer. A dance photographer will be the best option because they have the experience of working with dancers and  know the best angles and positions. It will make your shoot less tiresome and you will avoid having to do the same pose over and over.

    Let us know how your outside shoot goes! Be sure to follow us on our instagram page @patrickjdesign. If you wear any of our designs for your shoot don't forget to post, tag us at @patrickjdesign, and hashtag #patrickjdesign!