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Behind the Scenes at Patrick J Design

Behind the Scenes at Patrick J Design

When you think of Patrick J Design you imagine beautiful high fashion dance wear. There is a lot of work constantly happening at our Miami office that helps build our brand. We want to take you Behind the scenes and show you what goes on!

Early Morning:

Our seamstresses and other employees walk in and get them selves situated and start sewing and cutting the orders that need to be sent out.

One of our seamstresses will make our saving grace “Cuban Coffee” the perfect fuel for our long nonstop day.

Our different account managers (customer service, media marketing, and info) will begin by sitting at their computers and cell phones on the second floor and start checking emails and messages. The next step is to reply to each person's individual message and make sure each of their request has been fulfilled. Early in the day we also plan any costume fittings and appointments and move stuff around on the schedule to  accomodate all of our customers.

Once all accounts are up to date, employees take a 30 minute lunch break. Time flies by in our office because there is always work needing to be done.

Down on the first floor, aside from the seamstresses who are working diligently cutting and sewing, we have our shipping team. This team is responsible for fulfilling orders, packing, and shipping the orders. They have to keep our inventory updated, handle any exchanges and make sure to communicate with the seamstresses and let them know which pieces are a priority and have to be shipped out ASAP. Our shipping team is also in charge of unpacking all mail shipments that are delivered to our Miami office. These shipments include fabrics, elastics, and other materials needed to keep our company running.


Our lunch breaks have been divided into three groups to make sure we are always working and keeping the company moving at a fast pace. This ensures we do not fall behind in getting our designs to our customers in a timely manner.

End of the day:

The second half of the day our team managers focus on planning the future of the brand. Team meetings are held two to three times a week. In these meetings we discuss events such as giveaways, sales ,and photoshoots. Managers along with Patrick design emails,  banners, and flyers that will be used for the events. Seamstresses continue to make hand sewn pieces until it is time to go home!

All of our employees are very important to us. They are each a piece of our Patrick J Design puzzle. We hope you have enjoyed reading about all things Patrick J Design and what goes on behind the scenes. Be sure to follow us on instagram @patrickjdesign and subscribe to our emails to be the first to be informed about events and sales.

Patrick, the CEO of Patrick J Design, is always working behind the scenes. From handling payroll to hand gluing rhinestones, Patrick does it all!

Check out our website and order your next dance piece from us, you might be lucky enough to purchase a piece put together by Patrick J himself!