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Get to know Patrick J Design

Get to know Patrick J Design

  1. When was Patrick J Design Company Established?

          -Our company was established on August 2014.

  1. Where is your company located?

          -We are located in Miami,Florida.

  1. What is your company's specialty?

          -We specialize in high end designs and quality products. All of our product are also manufactured in the United States.

  1. How many employees do you have working at Patrick J Design?

        -We are a staff of 18, 4 of the staff are managers, the remaining staff work in the warehouse cutting fabric, sewing, embellishing, rhinestoning, applying lace to the pieces and packing shipments. We also have some independent contractors that come in seasonally during peak season when we need more people to help rhinestone and hand sew.

  1. To what do you attribute your success?

       -I attribute my success to the ballet training I had as a young kid. I believe that the rigorous training I had  allowed me to stay focused and create a mindful path for my future. My work ethic, passion, and experience has helped me create products that fulfill dancers needs. All of these factors combined have allowed me to create a business, and a successful dancewear brand.

  1. How many collections a year do you create?

       -We create two collections a year. A fall/winter and a spring/summer collection.

  1. How many designs are in each collection?

        -There are 20-50 pieces in each collection.

  1. How do you become a Patrick J Model?

         -If you have purchased one of our pieces and taken professional photos tag us on instagram and we will be sure to notice. We are always looking for new models.