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How To Stand Out At Convention Classes & Auditions

How To Stand Out At Convention Classes & Auditions

You are dancing in a room filled with hundreds of other dancers. Group by group you perform the combination. You feel as if this dance combination was made for you.The teacher looks at you and after a brief moment looks away even though you’re dancing is impeccable. The problem might be as simple as your outfit, maybe it's not as flattering as you thought. In a profession that's about aesthetics and artistry, your outfit can play a major role in how teachers view you. Below are a a few tips to help you stand out positively.

  1. Stay away from accessories. Keep it simple lose the bracelets, anklets, and extra jewelry. Accessories often distract , hinder dancing, and even cause injury.
  1. Avoid baggy clothing. Teachers and choreographers want to see your physical aesthetic and the lines your body makes. Don’t hide your musculature under oversized clothing.
  1. Hair is a huge part in finding your look. In most auditions and classes a simple bun or ponytail is the best option. You want to avoid having to pull back hair from your face.
  1. Choose a color you feel confident in. Maybe it’s black maybe its blue.
  1. Stand towards the front of the room to guarantee you will be noticed. Radiate confidence in one of our new designs. Designed to make you feel your best.

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