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Tips For A Successful Outdoor Photoshoot

Tips For A Successful Outdoor Photoshoot

We have all seen those breathtaking dance photos trending on the internet. How do they do it? They all look effortless and so put together. Below are a few tips to tackle your very own outdoor photoshoot.


  1. Avoid the very hot mid day hours when the sun is at its strongest. Consider the early morning and you might be able to catch some beautiful sunrise shots. If the morning is not a possibility 1-2 hours before the sun sets will also give you the best possible lighting.
  2. What you wear in your shoot can really make or break the look of your shots. Consider the colors of the landscaping you will be shooting in.You want to wear something that stands out from the scenery. Something bright and colorful. Here are a few recommendations from Our new dance wear Collection: Aria One Piece PantDahlia LeotardSouth Of France Set
  3. Hair and makeup is very important. Keep your makeup natural and hair appropriate for the weather. If your hair is pulled up it will be easier to control, you will avoid constantly having to pull the hair back from your face in between shots.
  4. Remember to warm up! You don’t want to pull a hamstring posing be safe and warm up prior to the shoot.
  5. Consider hiring a dance photographer. A dance photographer will be the best option because they have the experience of working with dancers and  know the best angles and positions. It will make your shoot less tiresome and you will avoid having to do the same pose over and over.

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